Back to School

That is right the time of year the children go back to school. So what is Count Candy Corn doing? He is out collecting Candy Corn of course.



Spring has sprung!


Do you remember how it felt after a long winter and finally spring comes? Some of my first memories are visual. I remember flowers starting to grow. It was great just getting outside to play and get all that good fresh air.

Perhaps we adults need to take a hint from the younger children and get out and smell the fresh air and take a walk. A nice walk with your child can be fun as you look for the hint of spring.

Of course I have been pondering where Count Candy Corn is, in the meantime I decided I am going to just enjoy the flowers and the fresh air. How many flowers have you seen today?

Bubbles over the Generations

Why do you like Children’s Literature? When I was asked this question what came to mind is, “Because kids still love bubbles.” Many years ago a minister I knew said, “Ruth don’t lose the child in yourself because then you die and there are a lot of dead people walking around.”  I must say I never gave it much thought back then surrounded with four children and crazy schedules. Continue reading