St. Nicholas Bread Recipe

As I promised this is the English version on making the bread. I will say I never one hundred per cent follow a recipe. So when you get to the point you are mixing the bread make sure you go by the feel. It needs to be pliable like a clay so you can mold shapes. That being said here goes. Continue reading


Santa Claus day is December 6th

St. Nicholas died on December sixth. He was a man who gave his entire inheritance helping the poor.  I think Santa Claus day should be on December sixth as not to confuse children and not to be mixed up with the Christian observation of Christ’s birthday. Continue reading

What Count Candy Corn is all about

Maddix’s adventure begins by finding a triangular shaped object on the ground. When Maddix approaches his mother, he finds out that the object is a piece of candy corn. This prompts Maddix’s mother to recall a story that her great aunt told her about Count Candy Corn.

Maddix’s mother takes the opportunity to guide her son into searching for the truth. This is where the adventure begins for Madddix as the candy corn disappears out of the dish he made for it. This surprises both Maddix and his mother. Where did the candy go?

A brave plan is put together by Maddix with the assistance of his mother. When the bell on the door rings startling Maddix, he has to muster all his courage to get up and face what lurks behind his door. He opens the door to a surprising find.

Maddix’s mother praises her son by giving him a hug for learning how to count and for facing his fears.

What was behind the door? You’ll have to read the book to find out!