The Journey

Throughout, my life I have been given many opportunities to express myself with the written word. I thought now is the time to move forward in my new venue. Oh, I toyed with writing through Church Missions and political bios and even a township history book. I also wrote more retirement books then I can count. My journey into writing began a long time ago as a child with a diary. Oh, what secrets and feelings I could express through this outlet. I did not know at the time these experiences would lead me to where I am today.

Are you doing with your life what you really want to do? How many times do you ask yourself that question? What does it take to make us stop and see the talents we are all born with? Why on earth would I tackle writing a child’s book not one but a series.

Well, everything has a beginning and here is mine. It started because of a child who had fears. This child is my great nephew. It also started because as I made this fictional character I was challenged by his Mother who said, “I just hate lying to my child about the tooth fairy. We tell children not to lie and the first thing we do is tell them fairy tales.” Wow, I never thought of it that way so how do you have a fictitious character and a story with meaning? At the same time, I saw on television where children were having problems deciding on how to pursue problems using a process. It would seem a lot of answers were provided by the internet and the children did not have to think things through.

So, keeping all this in mind in the middle of the night I awoke with the answers for this book. The book became even more important as little did I know what I would encounter in the near future. Time keeps marching on so please follow me on my journey as it takes me to an unexpected turn.


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