Attention Please

First of all I would like to write about a book I have been reading and I would suggest it to parents, grandparents and school teachers. The name of the book is “The Genius in Children” by Rick Ackerly.

He certainly has taken his life experience and has written a book that gives you great insight into children and perhaps yourself.Sometimes as parents we tend to want to smooth our children’s path. I take from this book a journey of how you can guide your children. He says, “Kids like things hard”.

I remember my son had a speech problem and we caught it at an early age. The teacher had explained to my son what he needed to work on. I worked with him almost everyday and one day when it seemed too much for him he broke into tears. At this point his younger sister said her first sentence. She said, “Mom, I am a pig”.

We both broke out in laughter and you know what my son did conquer his speech impediment. It was his journey and I as a parent couldn’t fix it. I will also say my son became a model student and I attribute that to his early trials.

When I wrote my book I wanted real people and real problems. As we go into an imaginary world I wanted the child to learn skills to overcome fears and search for truth. I am happy to announce that my book is now an app!


2 thoughts on “Attention Please

  1. Thanks for sharing Mr. Ackerly’s book and your personal story. Your app looks great! I wish you the best of luck!

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