Technology and We!

We booked a cabin at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee. The brochure said it would accommodate ten. My son and his wife and three of their children met my husband and I there. We traveled from Northern Illinois and Wisconsin area and our extended family traveled from Texas to meet us.P1010777

Imagine our surprise when seeing the cottage. It was more like a house with three large bedrooms and two bathrooms. Then came the surprise we did not have internet connection. We thought not a problem we all have cell phones. This is when it happened no signal for the cell phone or limited connection.

I was surprised at how from the younger ones to us the older ones depended on that connection. After a small amount of discord we started to explore our surrounding areas. We saw the falls and the gorge. This morning my son and his wife sat out on the back porch overlooking the woods listening and seeing the wildlife. I believe they spied Count Candy Corn under a shade tree. It was peaceful.

Now, to get back to our dilemma, I wondered with no phone what would you do in an emergency and then across the street it was spotted, something the young people have never saw but was something I grew up with. Have you guessed what it was? For those of you old enough that is right a pay phone.

I was exhilarated to know we had connection so close to our cabin and then much to my surprise upon closer inspection the sign said “Out of Service.”


2 thoughts on “Technology and We!

  1. Hahaha! That’s a funny story. Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Make sure to share something about children’s books in your future posts, ok? 🙂

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