The Case of the Imagination

Once again I feel challenged.  How do we tell a story to a child but make it fun while keeping it real?

I remember standing at Walt Disney World in Florida and tubes of water jumped over my head.  I stood there in awe of the magic of it all.  My husband, a very technical person said to me, “Do you want to know how that works?” I said, “No.”

Please let me enjoy the magic.  I am the type of person that when I turn my faucet on I am happy as long as the water comes out.  I know there is the technical side and I am happy that there are technical people but it took imagination first to picture having plumbing that brings water into your house.

Somewhere a long time ago I can envision a youngster playing by a stream of water and taking a drink and thinking, “How can I bring the water to the house so I don’t have to carry these heavy buckets?”  This is where the imagination comes in. Now, picture this, “Hey mom I think we can dig a hole in the ground and find water but we will no longer have to carry buckets from so far away.”  The Mother might have thought what a fanciful idea, but in the meantime do your chores. We don’t have time for such thinking.

I believe all the technology we enjoy today started as fiction.  I do believe it is important that a child is not stifled in his or her creativity.

What will the future bring to us?  I remember when I was in grade school it was decided based on the then current technology we could not make it to the moon.  It would take too long and there were many obstacles to overcome.  So at that time we could still believe there was a man in the moon.

We went out to space in our movies and had robots and our parents shook their heads and said get your head out of the clouds.  These were the same parents who sat in front of their televisions witnessing a man on the moon!

Imagine this, “Without imagination there would be no possibilities.”


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