Life Tools for Children

My children are now adults and I have to say I would make a better parent today. Sometimes as parents we do forget the little things that matter to the little ones. The scary monster in the closet. The creatures lingering under the bed.

Here are the opportunities as parents you have to help them conquer their fears. Of course the backdrop of my book, “Count Candy Corn” is exactly what is happening. A child has a very real fear and his Mother stops and takes this as an opportunity to teach him the steps to find out what the truth is.

The book helped the child to see what the problem was and with guidance from his parent, make a plan and then follow through with the plan.

As adults we too have fears and many of them are unfounded. When we are moving forward in life we periodically stop and assess where we are and where we are going. Sometimes, we get lost, but first you have to identify your problem and then you have to make steps to initiate a solution.

I have to close in saying some of the emails I have received from parents and grandparents shows no matter how young the children are they are so wise. A ladies grandson loved Count Candy Corn. What was interesting at four years old he told his Grandma, “My Count Candy Corn is a shark” and I am no longer afraid.” This four-year old boy captured the real purpose of my book.

The time you take with children when they are young will shape how they handle the problems in the future. Remember to a child no problem is too small and this is when they are more open to listen to their parents. Of course the main thing is to love them.


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