Candy Corn?

Count Candy Corn thought it was time to do a little genealogy.  This is what he found out.

The oral tradition that has been told is a man named George Renninger invented candy corn in the 1880’s. It is also said that candy corn has stayed almost the same for all these years.

The longest maker of candy corn is the Jelly Belly family which has made candy corn since 1898. Goelitz Confectionary first called it chicken feed. Why do you think they would call it chicken feed?

According to Wiki: 1.9 billion dollars or 598 million pounds from September to November first is sold.

It may come as no surprise to you that candy corn is fashioned after corn.

Did you know the birth place of Count Candy Corn was in what they call the corn belt?  Besides Illinois do you know other states in the corn belt?

Count Candy corn found out his official birthday is October 30th.  Did you know that is a “Unofficial” Candy Corn Day?

In the book Count Candy Corn the children learn to count with the aid of candy corn.  Count candy corn would like to hear your stories or memories about candy corn.  You never know where Count Candy Corn might appear next.


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