Bubbles for Connor

The Bubbles through the Generations I posted prompted Heather to share her story about Connor her son and how bubble’s were used to help him. Connor was born with Pierre Robin Sequence and Elf Syndrome. Connor was born with a recessed jaw, floppy larynx and cleft palate. He was trached at ten days old until seventeen months old.

Connor is a bubbly happy boy and it is hard to believe he has already undergone several surgeries at his young age. Connor was taught some sign language while he was trached so he did not use his voice.  The speech therapist assigned to Connor for early intervention was George.

Heather was surprised when the speech therapist brought bubbles. George would blow bubbles and say “Pop”.  After a while Heather asked, “What’s with the bubbles?” George told Heather pop is an easy word to say. When Connor would blow bubbles he would have to move air out. It trained Connor to use his mouth as an outlet instead of an inlet.

Speech comes naturally to most people but because of his early problems Connor had to be taught. He did not know why he had to use his mouth because he preferred to sign. Heather said, “Getting Connor to say pop was a challenge,” but Heather believes that bubbles were key for Connor.

In this interview Heather told me other ways she has used bubbles as a tool but we need to save that for another story. Count Candy Corn thanks Connor for being a fan and he is pictured on the facebook page Count Candy Corn by Ruth Bruegger.


2 thoughts on “Bubbles for Connor

  1. This is such a great story! Thanks so much for sharing. Goes to prove that bubbles can be magical! Cheryl, Kid Lit Blog Hop Hostess

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