First tuesday of every month the Siren’s Wail

When you live in Illinois a familiar sound is the wailing of a Siren once a month.  The siren is tested to make sure it is in good working order.  Sometimes, we become complacent as it is a familiar sound. This last weekend events in Illinois makes you stop and take pause of how really helpless we are when a tornado forms.

I was safe during these recent storms, but I have relatives in Chicago,  Peoria, Decatur , Macon and St. Louis, Missouri. My daughter posted on facebook how a tree top came from somewhere and landed inches from her doorway from the heavy winds. In her area was hail the size of golf balls.  There is the fear of an uncontrollable force that you can’t fight all you can do is take cover.  Next is the aftermath of the heavy winds and the funnels.

Then there is the amazing story of a friend of my daughter’s who just called and said his parents home was demolished.  His adult sister was home alone sleeping  in the second story and was thrown from the house.  She is still alive at the hospital and does not have any broken bones.  What a miracle.

Of course there are people who don’t take head of the weather conditions. In a neighboring town from my daughter a man thought with the windy conditions was a perfect time to burn some leaves. Needless to say at high winds he burned down his garage.

I think the worst thing is the loss of life. We are relieved when no one dies from these events.  Unfortunately, this recent tornado claimed the lives of some people.  I remember in approximately 1967 seeing a tornado but was at a distance. This tornado touched briefly in a neighboring town relocating some vehicles in a parking lot.  At this time in history we didn’t have instant news and at that moment did not know the mayhem that was occurring.

Later the same day I remember hearing the news of a neighboring town.   At the High School they were loading students onto the buses.  It was reported that approximately thirteen out of the twenty-four fatalities and three-hundred of the five-hundred injuries were from this High School.  This was a time we were filled with horror at the thought.

We have come a long way with the warning systems since 1967 and probably countless lives have been saved.  We just can not get too complacent because man has yet to conquer mother nature.


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