Bubbles over the Generations

Why do you like Children’s Literature? When I was asked this question what came to mind is, “Because kids still love bubbles.” Many years ago a minister I knew said, “Ruth don’t lose the child in yourself because then you die and there are a lot of dead people walking around.”  I must say I never gave it much thought back then surrounded with four children and crazy schedules.

I woke up thinking about how I loved bubbles and I still do. I would be amazed with the iridescent colors that I would see. I would try to catch bubbles in my hand without breaking them.  I would try to blow the biggest bubble I could. I would try to link them together in a long train. My imagination could run wild with bubbles.

I liked the store-bought bubbles the most because they seemed to make the biggest bubbles. My mother tried to convince me that the soapy water that she concocted was the same. It wasn’t, and when I tried to make the bubble potion when my children would run out I heard the same lamenting my mother endured.

It occurred to me my children, grandchildren and great-grandchild as well as my nieces and nephews in Switzerland loved bubbles.  The bubbles broke a language barrier. This has led me to think that bubbles are very important in the world and where did it all begin?

I am finding that bubbles are very old and perhaps this is one thing that has not changed and we share with our ancestors as well as our descendant’s. What an inexpensive way to get exercise and stir up the imagination!


5 thoughts on “Bubbles over the Generations

  1. Thanks so much, Ruth, for stopping by my blog via the Kit Lit Blog Hop! I’m so glad, because now I’ve discovered yours.:) Bubbles are so much fun…every parents should carry a little bottle of them for emergency entertainment.:)

  2. Bubble are so much fun for children of all ages. A fascinating way to spend some time! Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop! Cheryl, Hop Hostess

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