Backstory of my Book

My great, great nephew’s fear of Halloween led me to create Count Candy Corn. Maddix’s mother said, “We teach children to tell the truth and then what do we do? We introduce them to the Tooth Fairy.”

What a challenge to write a story based on a fictional character that I created.  I wanted the story to be of value, entertaining and fun.  A few nights later on the news a report came on about children were having trouble problem solving or the process to solve problems. This problem was attributed to how fast we get answers on the internet which may or may not be correct.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my Eureka moment and wrote the entire book in twenty minutes. I shared the manuscript with educators, children and friends. It was well received. I did not know at that moment this would lead me on a three year journey and many hurdles with the loss of three family members.

Learning to face fears does not just apply to children but adults as well. It is paramount that we give children tools early so that it does become second nature to them while facing obstacles that come their way.  It took a year to find the right Illustrator to bring the book to life. The pictures in the book is a real family.

I wanted to create a series of books that would be timeless and meaningful and would entertain children and still give them the tools to see what lies in that dark corner. My experience as a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and for a while I homeschooled my Grandson who was not enrolled in a pre-school. I did seek the input of professional educators and I also received endorsements from two teachers.

The journey for me is just beginning.


3 thoughts on “Backstory of my Book

  1. Ruth it looks like a super fun book! I am so glad that you found a series to create. Here is wishing you luck and success!
    Thanks for sharing on Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    -Reshama @

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