Why I Write

I started writing when I was old enough to write. I loved keeping a diary and recording events. I loved researching and finding out about new places. My Mother always said you can travel anywhere you would like in the world through books.

The Encyclopedia Britannia was prominent in our home. I was taught to search out my own answers to my questions and given the tools to do so. It was not like today as there was no internet. Your researching was through the encyclopedia or the local library. At that time our town did not have a library. Sometimes, you received information from your teachers or older people who lived in the neighborhood.

Writing then became an outlet for me when I was going through hard times or had difficult decisions to make. I think everything we encounter in life help us move forward. By keeping a written ledger of my own life I can see how I have changed over the years. I also can see where perhaps I need a bit more work. I am a work in progress and yes the best is yet to come.

I like to write to help others overcome obstacles to make their journey through life smoother if I can. Why do we acquire knowledge if it is not to pass it on to others?


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