The Journey

Throughout, my life I have been given many opportunities to express myself with the written word. I thought now is the time to move forward in my new venue. Oh, I toyed with writing through Church Missions and political bios and even a township history book. I also wrote more retirement books then I can count. My journey into writing began a long time ago as a child with a diary. Oh, what secrets and feelings I could express through this outlet. I did not know at the time these experiences would lead me to where I am today. Continue reading

Encouraging Creativity


Valentines day is right around the corner. This valentine was made using: 1 paper red place mat, 1 paper white copy paper, Paper heart doily’s, valentine stickers and little bit of ribbon. To do it this way you will need a paper punch, paste or double sided tape and your imagination. Otherwise you could use construction paper, cut your own paper hearts out of newspaper, magazines anything around the house. Of course if using scissors make sure they are kid friendly and adult supervision. Let the child use their own imagination and as a grandma great I think the childs picture either cut in the shape of a heart or in the heart is perfect.

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